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Location ARKANSAS, Arkansas
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Where there are socks wholesale where there are socks wholesale dry cleaning industry
[Network] where the dry cleaning franchise socks wholesale 2010/9/13/11: 40 Hai Yue Network Author: pony socks wholesale sport socks wholesale socks manufacturers imitation brand-name sports socks brand diversity. Deodorant sweat. , The factory straight .. The company for the three-socks is a professional production of cotton socks socks manufacturers. The company has a variety of Waji 120 (including 144-pin, 168-pin, 200-pin), more than 80 workers. Have a professional management staff, technical staff and maintenance personnel. My company's main products are: adult socks, men and women sports socks ,, ship socks, and all kinds of computer jacquard socks and so on. Products are sold abroad: cities around China. Company to "depending on the quality of life, the credibility of the capital" of the enterprise purpose, warmly welcome the new and old »