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Fitting Room Essentials That Help Customers Make the Decisions
When it comes to clothing, more than 50% (a major chunk, that is!) final decisions are made inside the fitting room. A shopper’s experience starts at the entrance to your store and if or not they go to the billing counter before exiting depends largely on the fitting room. Fitting room, you ask?
A well-lit fitting room with mirrors at required angles helps people decide what looks best on them, helping you increase conversion rates. Going by the numbers, female shoppers try an average of 40,000 pieces of clothing in their entire lifetime. They buy only 1 out of 7 pieces that they try. What makes them finally pick that 1 piece and head to the billing counter?
This article throws some ‘light’ on the importance of lights inside fitting rooms. Read on to know the two major benefits lights provide here:
1. Help Improve Shoppers’ Experience- Certain lighting fixtures throw shadows that can become quite distracting for the potential customer. However, LED lights- when installed with engineered calculation- help eliminate those shadows, thus improving shoppers’ experience manifold.
2. Help Increase Customer Satisfaction- Lighting helps people make right decisions in the store itself (by accentuating their best features). This reduces the chances of them coming back for a return or exchange. A happy and satisfied customer implies future conversions too.
With the advancement in lighting technology, it has become easier to upgrade. If you wish to replace lighting from the scratch, get ready for some easy installation ahead. LED lights can also be retrofitted in a snap, if in case starting from the scratch is not feasible for you.
Why LED Lights?
LED lighting fixtures like spot lights, flush mount, and down lights help create an alluring atmosphere- just the one that would help make the customer fall in love with the clothing at your store yet again.
1. They are available in different color temperatures. This way you can play with lights inside the fitting room and achieve the right look- a flattering one.
2. They are easy to install. As we mentioned this earlier, be it doing the whole-nine-yards or just retrofitting LEDs in old fixtures, you can do that in no matter of time.
3. They are energy-efficient. This is a well-known fact that has led to such high demand of LEDs in such a short time. They consume 50-80% less energy and hence, are a nice way to save up on electricity charges.
While you might have been giving importance to lighting in the shoppers’ area, fitting rooms are no less important. They guide the customer make the final call. See where your cards lie!