High Quality Peltier Controller (I)

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High Quality Peltier Controller (I) - Photo

Thermal electric cooler (TEC) is a Peltier module, which has the capacities of heating and cooling at the same time. As TECs have many advantages such as no moving parts, no noise, and environment friendly, etc, they have been widely used in many fields. Take the laser system for an example. TEC can ensure the laser system works at a constant temperature so that the lasers will output a laser beam with stable wavelength, constant power and low optical noise.
In order to use TECs better, our company (ATI) researched and developed a Peltier controller independently, and the Peltier controller has many functions, setting the required object temperature, monitor and controller the temperature, etc. The following is the physical photo of an actual Peltier controller.

Figure 1. The photo of an actual Peltier controller
From the appearance of the Peltier controller, it has a compact size, and is packaged in a metal enclosure, which helps to avoid the interferences between the controller and other electronics.
From the material point of view, the Peltier controller released by our company are 100% lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
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