Diwiz Docs and Sales Services

Location SPANISH TOWN, Saint Catherine
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. Company & Business Registration
. Work Permit Assist for Overseas Persons
. Individual Tax Compliance Certification Registration
. Individual General Consumption Tax Registration
. Individual TRN Registration for overseas persons that want to start a business in Jamaica
. Typing Services (Manuscripts)
. Research Assistance for Pre-school, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Students
. Paid Errand Services (Purchasing of Laptop or Vehicle Parts or Gadgets on Behalf of Customers)
. Assistance with Passport Application
. Printing and Photocopying Service
. Scanning and Email Service
. School Based Assessment
. Help Desk/Remote Support
. Visa Application and Birth certificate registration
. Sales by commission
. Local Intermediate Sales Rep for SBT Japan

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Whatsapp 8763495359 or Call 8763049960

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