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DevOps is currently growing as an important factor as many organizations are going to migrate to cloud computing and

virtual server and thus making the task automation more prominent. DevOps is one of the most frequent term used in the

agile development and continuous delivery. It gives you an understanding of the value of collaboration between operations

staff and development across all the stages of development cycle when creating and operating a service.

DevOps Online Training is being provided by a real time certified expert from H2KInfosys who has ample experience in the

field of DevOps. This course will enable you to improve the work flow between the software developers and IT operations


At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the usage of DevOps, implement automated installations and

deployments and work with various DevOps tools.

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Our DevOps Online Training Special Features:

•Instructor Live Online Training
•Access to Recording Sessions of Classes
•Pay One Time and Get Life Time Access.
•Assignments for best practice of each topic to improve proficiency.
•Online Tests & Quizzes on all Topics to test your competency
•IT Project explanation and documentation suggestions.
•Mock interview sessions and Resume preparation.
•100% Job Placement Support

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