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restore his home usually about 600 the original price. For the hotel, we both are very satisfied, because the day are basically outside the hotel is just a place to rest, as long as the traffic can be clean and clean can, and live after 5 days I feel is worth the price, the first hotel In the Jordan b2 exports 30 meters of the place, we live in the 10th floor, no noise, wine eighteen Fan shop is the bus stop, direct access to the airport bus, A22, E23 can, E23 trips more, go the day I But also fool and other A22 ten minutes are not one, one asked E23 is also direct access to the airport, about 50 minutes by car, fare 17 Hong Kong dollars, much more economical than the subway. Hotel next to a lot of cafes, Cuihua, Daoxiang are within a 5-minute walk from the door, the convenience store everywhere, the junction of Zhou Dafu Chow Sang Sang Liu Fu Oriental table line, as if Qiu Zhuren's Chow Tai Fook, because later I bought Luk Fook's ring that Chow Tai Fook did not go in to see. The hotel will send free newspapers every day, the entrance 24 hours a security help to help Lee open the door or something. Anyway, for us this is not the requirements of the people who are not serene is not very good, very good here very satisfied, when I left the phone, the waiter said a month or so to call their ownhttp:// »