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Socks joined socks to join the dry cleaning industry
[Network] socks dry cleaning franchise joined 2010/9/9/14: 43 Hai Yue Network Author: pony release period: 2,008,227 Author: Zheng Xuping [edit entries: yansy] Hong Kong clothing brand "G2000" elegant fashion, in The mainland has been sold by a large number of popular white-collar workers. However, in a few days ago "vertical and horizontal 2000" defendant infringement trademark, with the "2000" trademark of the self-employed Zhao to Hangzhou, the company claims 20000000 related. Hangzhou Intermediate People 's Court of First Instance Decision to Support Zhao. "2000" and "2000" trademark dispute "vertical and horizontal 2000" and "2000" two trademarks have been struggling for a long time. 1997 9 7, Hangzhou West Lake District Science and Technology Department to provide advisory services to obtain registration number 1094814 "2000 handwritten" trademark, approved the use of products for socks, gloves, scarves and so on. 2005 5 in the Trademark Registry of the people who changed Hangzhou Zhao. Zhao then after the distribution of their ties, scarves, sports socks on the use of "2000" trademark, and has sold the products in Jiaxing City, Jingzhou City, and so on. 1992 12, in Hong Kong, 2000 China limited liability company? Hereinafter referred to as China in the State Trademark Office registered "vertical and horizontal 2000" trademark,

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