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power aadapter

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factory wholesale high quality 5v 1a mini usb wall charger adatper for iphone features: 1.100% brand new wholesale mini usb wall charger 2.the mini usb wall charger is compact and lightweight, easy to use and storage 3.this mini usb wall charger offers fast, efficient charging, great for home

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ac/dc power adapters suppliers

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1. product introduction: 100-240v ac dc 12v/1a/1.5a/2a/3a wall mount type power adapters 2. product parameters of 100-240v ac dc 12v/1a/1.5a/2a/3a wall mount type power adapters model no.kyt-226 input100 to 240v ac, 50/60hz output power12w-36w wall mount type outputdc 12v 1.5a/2a/3a prot

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high quality peltier controller (i)

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thermal electric cooler (tec) is a peltier module, which has the capacities of heating and cooling at the same time. as tecs have many advantages such as no moving parts, no noise, and environment friendly, etc, they have been widely used in many fields. take the laser system for an example. tec can


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