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Cryostat MX-700-CRYO-4 ASTM D2500 - Prevista

cryostat mx-700-cryo-4 astm d2500

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designed for fast and accurate measures of: oil product cloud point temperature as per astm d2500 cryostat consists of 4 active rooms, each of them has its own temperature range. 1. room â„–1 has temperature range 0 °Ð¡: -70 °Ð¡ 2. room â„–2 has temperature range 0 °Ð¡:

Octane meter PE-7300 (series 4000). - Prevista

octane meter pe-7300 (series 4000).

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octane meter is designed to determine the octane number by research and motor method of gasoline, and determine the cetane number of diesel fuels in the process of operational control in the field and laboratory conditions using a personal computer. this model allows the device to determine the anti


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